Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Snippets

Hello Dear Blog Readers,
Today is Sunday Snippets, where I share a peek at my week in pictures...

What was a highlight from YOUR week? I'd love to hear about it!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

April Moon - Sacred Focus

Hello Dear Blog Readers,
I'm participating in April Moon, a 2-week writing challenge hosted by Kat McNally. I'm not always able to write about each prompt individually, as they come, so I've been grouping some of my writings together. Today I'm writing on 2 words...


 What feelings does this word evoke? What sorts of memories does it recall? Which of your senses start to tingle? How would you represent what this word means to you?

It is a quiet Sunday morning and I am walking along a narrow road, with only the sound of local birds to keep me company. I love being the only person out on such a morning.

Suddenly I am aware of a buzzing sound overhead, but I don't see anything nearby until I look up, over my head. It is a hummingbird that is hovering closer than I would expect any hummingbird to do.

I sense he is trying to get my attention but I don't know why. I do not see a nest, but would I recognize a hummingbird nest if I saw one? I remember that I have seen pictures of hummingbird nests, so I would indeed recognize one if it was in my path, but a hummingbird nest is not in my path today...

I try to get closer to the hummingbird in the hopes I will capture a photo of him, to prove that this bird was hovering so close over my head, but he quickly flies out of my reach, too far to be photographed.

I keep still a few moments, hoping he will come close again, but he keeps his distance.

I begin to resume my walk when I hear the buzzing sound again. I turn to see the hummingbird close overhead, and when I try, yet again, to get close for a photo, he zips away out of reach.

I think of waiting it out, but realize it's time to head home so I can begin my day. I begin to walk and this time the hummingbird does not follow me.

If I only knew how to speak hummingbird I might have understood what he was trying to convey as he hovered close over my head. Maybe he was just saying "Good morning".

***   ***   ***


 What feelings does this word evoke? What sorts of memories does it recall? Which of your senses start to tingle? How would you represent what this word means to you?

Some days I have great focus and other days, my focus is not so great, and it's a challenge to stay on task with my never-ending list of things to be done and ever-growing list of projects I want to make.

Some days I work with my to-do list and some days I fight with it.

Some days I use my cell phone alarm to get work done in 10-15 minutes bites and some days I can effortlessly accomplish all my tasks without the need of a timer...

I have a daily morning meditation routine but I've learned that meditation is not necessarily about emptying your mind of thoughts, but about learning how to live with them and not let them overtake your life.

Being creative and taking creative actions is a great way to focus, but some days, just being quiet and breathing goes a long way...

...And some days, hand embroidery is the best meditation of all!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

April Moon - Dreaming of a Juicy Home...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I'm attempting to follow along with Kat McNally's reflective writing challenge April Moon and I'm already behind, so I'll be writing on two prompts today...


What feelings does this word evoke?

"Juicy" for me brings feelings of excitement! This is no longer a word that I associate with food, but with things that go deep, like a meaningful discussion with my life coach, or being deep in the process of creating something new or getting lost in a good book...

What sorts of memories does it recall?

The memory of my dear Wise Woman showing me the grapefruit she planned to eat on her morning break (we used to work together) and I told her how the color of the grapefruit was a gorgeous shade of pink, surrounded by the texture of the yellow rind, and it was so pretty I wanted to eat it myself! She looked at her morning grapefruit differently after that ;)

Which of your senses start to tingle?

Just hearing the word "juicy" makes my heart RACE! It races with the promise of possibilities... 

How would you represent what this word means to you?

This is how I represent what the word 'juicy' means to me:


What feelings does this word evoke? 

The first thing that always seems to come to mind when I hear this word is the song by Talking Heads "Naive Melody", because of the opening lines:

is where I want to be,
pick me up and turn me around...

And the feelings this song evokes are bittersweet, nostalgic sadness...

I don't know that I've felt like I was 'HOME' anywhere in my life. Even the place I lived in, until my recent move, never fully felt like HOME, it was more of a residence I lived in, despite my attempts to make it feel like a HOME...

A cozy corner created in my old home for knitting and talking with a friend, or just reading...

But what is HOME? I think many people see it as a PLACE to live in, but for me, I think HOME is more of a place where I am HAPPY and there are many places that I feel happy, though I don't live in them. So, for your viewing pleasure and consideration, here are my representations of what HOME means to ME:

Ventura, California
Me, nestled in the trunk of my very favorite tree in Ventura, the old fig tree

The Presentation Center, Los Gatos
The Pueblo at The Presentation Center, home of the Artful Journey Retreats

The Huntington Library
Me, in front of The Huntington Library, home to lovely flowers and BOOKS!

ANY library
My (new) local library is a 10 minute walk away and they have a fabulous bookstore!

A good book
This bookcase sits just outside my new studio space and it's filled with my craft least MOST of them!

What are some things that feel like HOME for YOU?